Quality control

Meet With Global Standards

At each step of mass production, our engineer will take tests to reach a higher quality standard.

Besides regular testing, we will take additional test for displays used in different environments.

Due to our commitment to strict quality control, our display screens have reach the requirements of international certifications.

Products Certified By

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Sample Test To Inspect Raw Material

We will inspect all raw material in stock before running into mass production to see the effect of the raw materials in actual use, even if our raw materials come from the best domestic suppliers. Every new test shows our commitment to ensure higher quality.

Sample test of lamp

Semi-products Inspection

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    Solder paste Brushing Inspection

    Our worker will inspect to assure all elements are fixed on the PCB panel firmly without dislocation and lack of soldering.

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    Lamp Installation Inspection

    We will check the PCB panel to ensure there is no lack of lamps, no dislocation and no deviation.

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    Light Test

    The module will be turned on to test the light so as to guarantee it will perform well with red, green, blue and white colors.

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    Assembly Inspection

    We use tiny screws to install the inner parts of each module, so it is important to insure it connects each part closely and flatly.

Weather-resistant Tests

Vibration Test
Vibration Test

After assembly, the cabinet will have vibration test to inspect if all elements are fixed stably, which is especially important for rental LED display as it will be installed and transported repeatedly.

Waterproof test of LED display screen
Waterproof Test

We will put our LED display screen under the water spray device to simulate scenario of raining weather to test its waterproof protection for hours.

Longer Aging Test To Ensure Stable Performance

We will light the module and display continuously for dozens of hours to test its functions, such as serving life, display performance and more to eliminate the potential problems.

  • Aging test of LED screen 1
    Finished Module Aging Test

    We will take 48 hours' module aging test, which is important to mass production, helping us to evaluate the whole manufacturing process and lowering the risk of delayed delivery.

  • Aging test of LED screen 2
    Finished Display Aging Test

    For finished display screen, we will conduct 72 hours aging test, which is longer than the average. By doing so, we can supply you more competitive products.