Flexible Customization Service & Professional Technical Support

  • LED display design drawing

    Customization Service For Business

    We will support your business with flexible customization service for the needs of cost and quality control, and you can choose

    • To mark the products with your own trademark for business.

    • The suppliers of IC, power supply, cabinet and other materials.

    • The colors, materials and structure of cabinets, such as easy case, standard steel case and die-cast aluminum case.

  • Engineer drawing for LED display project

    Professional Solutions For Projects

    For your project, our excellent engineers will provide you the best display solutions, including

    • The features like contrast ratio, brightness, refresh ratio and more.

    • The usage of materials like lamps, cabinet design and the methods of installation &maintenance.

    The technical support for on-site installation via video.

Online guidance for all customers

Free Installation Service & Guidance

For the purchase over 200SQM, we provide free installation guidance in site, or you can get our free online support, including remote control and video course.

If you are contractors, you are welcome to taking free training course from our experienced engineers in our manufacturing base

If you are distributor, we will make video guidance which can be downloaded by your end-users freely.

After-Sale Services

• You can return the product and ask for a full refund within 7 days from the purchase date.

• You have 30 days from the purchase date to request for the product to be replaced and exchanged.

• A 2-year quality warranty for all products, and we will cover the costs of shipping and tax

• Free replacement parts will be delivered in about 3 working days from the date the buyer asks for the replacement parts. This option is available for one year from the date of the purchase.

Trouble shooting