With rich experience and 3 manufacturing bases, we are able to deliver your concept completely, we’ve got you covered from installation to troubleshooting to display maintenance and upkeep.

Material preparation for mass production

Full Material Preparation For Mass Production

After our customer approves the product design, we will make a list of material to prepare for mass production.

By doing so, we can have a better control of the delivery time and avoid delay for lack of raw material.

Moreover, a bulk purchase of material will lower our manufacturing cost, which will help to improve competitiveness in the market.

For special project or wholesale business, we offer customization service to let you choose raw material as needed.

In-house PCB Panel Production

After sample testing, we will make PCB panels through automatic assembly lines.

  • PCB panel assembled by machine

    Through brushing machines, solder paste will be printed on the PCB panel evenly.

  • Mounter machine

    After brushing solder, all kinds of electric elements will be installed on PCB panel via a mounter which can improve productivity.

  • Reflow soladering

    When all elements are on the PCB panel, we will fixed them firmly through reflow soldering.

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Plug LED Lamps Onto PCB Panel

After fixing all elements on the PCB panel, we will install LED lamps by machines automatically, which will make sure the force on each lamp is the same to improve flatness.

As many a lamp will be installed in a small PCB panel, it is vital to eliminate static electricity in the production line. To combat this challenge, we equip anti-static uniforms and bracelets for all workers.

LED lamb beads plugging
Post welding

Wave Soldering

This step is critical to the verticality of lamps so we will make sure the fixtures is designed to have the same hole position with products.

Post Welding

In post welding process, we will fixed some large elements. Besides that, we will check and amend few false or virtual welding points.

Through the two steps, we can ensure display quality on the screen.

  • Glue filling of modules

    Glue Filling

    For outdoor LED display, we will glue the surface of modules to make them waterproof, which is operated by machines. So the glue will be in apropos thickness to achieve the best waterproof performance but not influence the display effect and installation of mask.

  • Cabinet assembly

    Cabinet Assembly

    In display cabinet assembly, we will focus on the flatness of each module. Meanwhile we will take good control of the length of power cable and signal cable so as to reduce pressure drop and signal attenuation, and save material as well.

Quality Control Throughout The Whole Production

At each step of mass production, our engineer will take tests according to a higher standard.

We will have sample testing to inspect raw materials. For example, we will check the color, light and stability of lamps.

Waterproof test will be conducted on outdoor LED displays and aging test will be conducted on modules, semi-product and cabinets.

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Lighting test of led module